INOVIA Technologies has recently started a process whereby its industrial engineering capability was significantly strengthened.  This was done to provide focused, stand alone services, as and when needed. We now provide industrial engineering support on various aspects of continuous business improvement, for different industries.

The approach is focused at high impact initiatives, done with a team of in-company people and aims to make focused, bottom line improvements over a short period of time.  These services include the following:

·         Implementing lean workflow principles (analyzing and improving “blue light” time) – improvement of the flow index (value adding time spent on producing products and supplying services) for better on time delivery, flexibility and shorter lead times.

·         Increasing cost effectiveness – improving the various aspects of cost effectiveness, like productivity of people and machines, skills versatility, improving yield, saving energy and materials and addressing the root causes of quality problems.

·         Constraint management – applying Theory of Constraints approached for business improvement.

·         Implementing best practice project management, production planning and scheduling approaches and systems.

·         Implementing machine/equipment performance management systems (OEE).

·         Facility layout design and improvement.

·         Optimizing space utilization.

·         Value Stream Mapping and process improvement.

·         Improving materials handling and flow.

·         Production capacity and line balancing.

·         Analyzing and improving work methods.

·         Setting and reviewing time standards.

·         Activity sampling for improving value-adding work rates.

·         Production line/equipment changeover time reduction.

·         Designing and implementing KANBAN systems.

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